Our Clients

Customer Testimonial

「Ji Mu He Zi」

SPD Silicon Valley Bank not only offers first-class banking service, but is also a financial institution who understands start-up companies very well and grow with them.

「Viva New Media」

SSVB is very different for other banks that we’ve been worked together. Their service is closely integrate with every step of an innovation company’s growth; SSVB provides daily banking service, as well as introduce us cooperation opportunities and partners, and always combines their service with our core business.

「TV Mining」

The biggest difference between SPD Silicon Valley Bank and the traditional banks is while traditional banks always pay attention to our asset and collateral, SSVB focuses on our innovation and has the industry insights. They can understand the value of our business in a short time, and provides actual help to companies who has innovation ability but few assets collateral, like us.


SPD Silicon Valley Bank is very profession and has deep understanding on the innovation companies’ need, like MaFengWo, then provide customize banking solutions for Internet+ companies.


SPD Silicon Valley Bank has deep understanding on China’s innovation companies, especially those in the TMT areas. We are looking forward to the long-term cooperation with them.

「Xing Ren Doctor」

We had great experience with SSVB since 2013. The bank and the company had a partnership. In other banks we may or may not even have an account manager, but here we really have a partner, who is considering our business and what we really need, and be part of our growth story.

「Anji Micro-electronics」

we’re a technology company with an emphasis on innovation but light asset, and a fast development. SPD Silicon Valley Bank offers flexible solutions that is customized for our needs. The whole banking team is very professional and dedicated. They are passionate, effective, direct and responsive.


SPD Silicon Valley is very different from the traditional banks, for their understanding of technology innovation and special service. They understands the varied needs of technology companies that at different R&D and growing stages.