While reserving sufficient cash flow, you are also recommended to properly allocate your idle cash for a steady return and an ideal cash management result.

  RMB & FCY Deposits

RMB Deposit

-RMB Current Deposit*

-RMB Term Deposit*

-RMB Call Deposit

*including Cross Border RMB Deposit

Since RMB Call Deposit has no fixed deposit period, so please inform us 1 day or 7 days prior to the withdrawal to secure a higher interest rate.


Easy planning:suitable for companies that have standard financial management so they could properly manage their funds according to their financial plan

High yield:higher interest yield compared to current deposits

Must be placed all at once but can be withdrawn several times

-RMB Agreement Deposit

Companies open their settlement accounts according to the agreed deposit limit with SSVB, and the amount above the agreed limit are deemed as RMB agreement deposit and will accrue interest at the agreement deposit rate. When account balance is below the agreed limit, the interest shall be calculated on the basis of current deposit rates.


High liquidity: free transfers and no impact on clients’ daily settlements

High yield: compared to current deposits, clients can benefit from a higher yield in the long run

Flexible allocation : interest calculation based on account balance that brings great convenience to companies when it comes to funds allocation and transfer

Amount of Agreement: CNY 500,000

Period of Agreement: 1 year, automatic renewal for another year if no cancellation application is received

Interest Rates: subject to interest rates set by SSVB.

Interest Payment: settled on the 20th of the last month of each quarter ( postponed in case of holidays) and credited to the settlement account

FCY Deposits

-FCY Current Deposit

-FCY Term Deposit

-FCY Non-fixed Term Deposit

-FCY Auto-rollover Call Deposit

  CNY/FCY Conversion Services

SPOT CNY/FCY Conversion

FCY purchasing is supported under Cross Border RMB Services

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