Whether you are a start-up or a growth-stage company, our unique diversified credit solutions that do not measure loan risks through collaterals or profitability, and our flexible loan tenors and repayment methods, will assist you in grasping every business development opportunity. We offer tailor-made loan structures according to your needs at different stages of growth in order to meet your ever changing demands for business expansion.

Companies meeting the below general criteria are welcome to apply for a credit line:

  Working Capital Solutions

Non-formula Loan (Short-term Working Capital Loan)

Borrow and repay at any time without conditions for loan usage

When high-growth companies are confronted with working capital gap while growing their business, our short term working capital loan can help invigorate their cash flow so they can sustain their development and business expansion.

There are no prerequisites for loan usage and it supports your short term working capital needs for robust business growth.

Term Loan (Mid-term Working Capital Loan)

Structured for the growth of startups and adapts as your business expands

Its flexible structure significantly eases borrowers’ repayment pressure, enables entrepreneurs to stay focused on business development, and helps companies extend their runway.

Pooled AR Financing

Revitalize and utilize your AR pool to ease your burden

We establish a pool of eligible ARs and then calculate the borrowing base (50% to 80% of the total amount of all ARs in the pool). Every month we will recalculate the borrowing base according to the updated AR pool.

  Fixed Asset Solutions

Term Loan (Mid-term Fixed Asset Loan)

It is tailor-made for early-stage or mid-stage technology companies that are yet to generate revenues and are with little tangle assets and unsteady cash flow, as well as late stage technology companies. Loan terms vary between two and three years. You can pay back the principal and interest on a monthly basis, and we recalculate the monthly interest according to the remaining loan principal.

  Trade Finance Solutions

Together with our parent banks - Silicon Valley Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, our joint venture bank can provide you with a global platform of trade finance services. Whether you are a buyer that needs a letter of credit, or a bidder who needs us to issue a tender guarantee, we offer you solutions tailored to your business model , and we help you achieve the transaction successfully. We have the tools and resources to mitigate the risks of dealing with foreign buyers, accelerate cash flow, and maximize your business opportunities.

Commercial Letter of Credit Issuance

Irrevocable Documentary Credit

Irrevocable Transferable Documentary Credit

Standby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee Issuance

Performance Guarantee/Standby LC
Advance Payment Guarantee/Standby LC
Tender Guarantee/Standby LC
Counter Guarantee/Standby LC

Financial Guarantee/Standby LC

Import Trade Loan

Import Loan

Import LC Payment Financing

Merger & Acquisition Loan

Our M&A Loan provides lending solutions to you when you are engaged in buyout or asset acquisition activities, and supports your capital needs of rapid growth and expansion in China or overseas.

Cross Border RMB Financing

Off-shore companies can open NRA CNY account with us, and further pledge the deposit for an on-shore financing.You can issue RMB Letter of Credit, RMB Standby Letter of Credit or RMB Bank Guarantee, and settle in cross border RMB.

  Other Financing Solutions

There are also other financing solutions such as Bridge Loans (NEI BAO WAI DAI, WAI BAO NEI DAI), Third Party Guarantee Loan, Cash Secured Loan, and Syndication Loan all tailored for your different business needs.

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