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「Anji Micro-electronics」

we’re a technology company with an emphasis on innovation but light asset, and a fast development. SPD Silicon Valley Bank offers flexible solutions that is customized for our needs. The whole banking team is very professional and dedicated. They are passionate, effective, direct and responsive.


SPD Silicon Valley is very different from the traditional banks, for their understanding of technology innovation and special service. They understands the varied needs of technology companies that at different R&D and growing stages.


SSVB is the first bank that provided venture debt financing to Gushengtang at our early stage. Differentiated from traditional banks, SSVB provides targeted financial services and expertise to high growth innovative startups and is driven to empower us scale along the way. Sincere appreciation goes to SSVB for your understanding and significant, long-standing and heartwarming support!


SSVB is the first bank that provided venture debt financing to Asieris. Collaborating with each other, we are greatly impressed by SSVB’s in-depth and thorough understanding of innovative pharmaceuticals. And we are proud to partner and build long-lasting business relationship with SSVB.