Record Investments and Fundraising Continue

A US IPO boom in the first half of 2019 fueled robust investment and fundraising. Highly valued companies in all three sectors went public. Read our midyear 2019 update on Trends in Healthcare Investments and Exits to get SVB’s proprietary analysis and outlook for the rest of 2019.

Highlights of the midyear report include:

  • US healthcare venture fundraising is set for another strong year, but due to the number of large firms that closed new funds in 2018, this year will likely fall short of the 2018 record of $9.6 billion.

  • Venture investment for full-year 2019 will likely land slightly below the 2018 record haul, but it is on pace to rank a close second.

  • The first half of 2019 saw 30 IPOs across all sectors, with 13 venture-backed biopharma IPOs in May and June alone. Biopharma added eight billion-dollar-plus exits: six IPOs and two private M&A deals.

  • Impressive device IPOs and a spectacular M&A deal (Johnson & Johnson’s $5.8 billion acquisition of Auris Health) drove total device exit value above the full-year record only halfway through 2019.

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